Jett Mechanical is a Tucson based family operated company. We are a full service heating and air conditioning service and installation company.  Our offered services include maintenance programs, demand service (24/7) and installation of today's most advanced equipment.

What does Home Service Include?

It’s Air Conditioning or A/C Service in Tucson, AZ in fact when was the last time your air conditioner inspected? In Tucson & Phoenix we depend on air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable during our summer. Your air conditioner needs to perform at its peak performance and efficiency in high temperatures and for hours at a time. Regular maintenance / tune ups by our experienced HVAC Technicians can keep heating and cooling system at maximum efficiency which means you also get to keep more money in your wallet per month!

Were all about prevention of heating and cooling call 520-744-7414 to schedule an appointment.  When you let you’re A/C unit go a few years without proper maintenance can eventually lead to bigger and of course more expensive problems down the road, not to mention increased utility bill. Even with new higher efficiency rated A/C units will perform less efficient without regular maintenance. If any of following apply give us a call:

  • Refrigerant Leaks in the AC Unit
  • Air Conditioner Electric Controls
  • Maintaining AC Filters
  • Insulation & Sealing
  • Emergency Service

Installation of air conditioning systems, heat pumps, furnaces, ductless mini-splits, ductwork, ventilation equipment, filtration, humidifiers, thermostats.


Maintenance Program ( Jett Mech Club) for all brands of heating & cooling equipment (best way to avoid costly repairs!).